I am here 


I  am passionate  about transforming old stories to new ones, and how to heal  intergenerational trauma of individuals, and our human family.  My fascination started with my own life journey of falling apart and gathering the pieces. Now I know that was my life initiation into taking up the baton of being a  Fifth Generation Wisdom Keeper.  That calling led me to take a deep dive into the waters of  indigenous trauma healing wisdom traditions and modern science.  Years latter I realized my purpose is embodied in my  middle name, Ezolaagbo, means, "she who returns to her mother's hut, plants a tree, and returns the lineage home." Through  my art, books, Trauma-Focused Somatic Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Daoist Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Indigenous healing wisdom - I dedicate each breath to creating light, love,  mindfulness, joy, and freedom from suffering in your life and our world.  I use to resist my calling, but now I embrace it, always bearing homage to the words of  I pay homage to  Dr. Martin Luther King's words  "if not now,  when. If not you, who?"

In Light and Love,

Dr. Omi

Acupuncture & Wellness Program for BIPOC Moms and Kids

Started by Dr. Omi to gift up to 3 free or more  Acupuncture and wellness  treatments to BIPOC Moms and children  in need