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Somatic Psychotherapy with Dr. Omi
Heal ancient ancestral trauma

I help you embrace your weird wonderful Self by  releasing childhood and family  patterns that result in difficult to release and repetitive negative thoughts, patterns and behavior through my style of Somatic Psychotherapy which successfully weaves together EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Family Constellation, Creativity,  and ancient healing. Through this integration  I   help you resolve the trauma knots of your family lineage that has passed down to you, process difficult emotions and incidents in your life which the mind-body system has not processed well, and stored away in the subconscious mind.  

Somatic Psychotherapy recognizes that unprocessed trauma is stored in the mind and body. Through a series of mind-body based therapies such as EMDR, these issues can be reprocessed, resolved and release. 

I have worked in numerous school and  clinical counseling settings such as Winthrop University Community Counseling Clinic, Art Space, Evergreen, and  Rainbow Community School. I have helped thousands to overcome negative emotions, thoughts, and habits stemming from issues which go back to childhood, run through families and lineage. 

What happens in the session

We go through the following Gateways of unfolding: 

Gateway 1: We find the the heart of the story and issue

Gateway 2:  We  resolve and release mental emotional, physical,  soul, and multi-generational blocks

Gateway 3:  We give you tools for future templating 

How long do sessions lasts?

  • Clients last up to one hour

  • Most clients have up to 8 sessions 

Where is the session?

  • Online

Who can be helped?

Children, women, men, families suffering from

  • Multi-generational trauma patterns that keep on looping around and are hard to release

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • stress

  • Blocked creativity

  • Unfulfilled purpose

  • Relationship issues

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