The wound is the place where the light enters you
- Rumi

Book Counseling, Acupuncture & Wellness  Appointment

When you book your  Counseling Sessions, please download the Intake and Disclosure form, by clicking on buttons above, and return before session. Please note, the Disclosure form MUST be hand signed. 

Session Cost: 
Trauma Sensitive Counseling:

  • 1 hour individual: $100 

  • 1 hour couple: $125 

  • Low income:  $30 - $65 (This price is through Open Path Collective)


Herbal/Lifestyle & Food Therapy  Consult

  • Herbal: $75 + cost of herbs separate 

  • Lifestyle & Food Therapy:  $$75 per session includes lifestyle and Food Therapy  plan, and analysis of labs from a Chinese Medicine perspective