And for those who want to know more......I Am an writer, artist, Doctor of Daoist Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Clinical Mental Health Counselor with a trauma somatic focus, an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Diversity SEED Trained facilitator, and kids yoga teacher. I love aligning the inner child with their potential by facilitating the resolving and releasing  inter-generational trauma, negative habits and emotions. I love diving deeper and deeper into  indigenous and  modern day trauma and mindfulness science. I believe when we each find our sovereignty, the Earth does to, as it becomes sprinkled with the stardust  of our love, peace, and Enoughness. 


  • Current – Doctoral and Masters in Classical Chinese (Daoist) Medicine and Acupuncture -  Daoist Traditions College

  • M.Ed, Counseling and Development, Winthrop University

  • BSc. Ayurvedic Medicine and Complementary Health Sciences, Ayurvedic College in partnership with Middlesex University, London.

  • African Studies BSc, London University School of Oriental and African Studies – London University School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

  • EMDR, EMDR Professional Training Organization

  • SEED Trained Equity and Social Justice Facilitator  – National SEED Project

  • Family Systems – Institute of Family Systems, founded by Mark Wolynn author of “It Didn’t Start With You”

  • Mindfulness Training - ICBCH and Winthrop University

  • Hypnotherapy  – ICBCH

  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga – Sacred Roots Wellness

  • DBT – Catawba Medical Health Clinic

  • Reiki Master Level 1, II, III with Will Daddario

  • Various Trauma focused courses:  breath work, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, yoga and Family Systems

Past Counseling, healing work

Catawba  Clinical Mental Health Clinic, Lancaster SC

Winthrop College, Community Counseling Clinic, Rockhill SC

A Caring Alternative, Asheville NC

Evergreen, Asheville NC

Art Space, Asheville NC

Rainbow Community School, NC

Daoist Traditions Student College

Teacher,  Presenter

  • Creator of Subtle Body Acupuncture

  • Creator of Alchemy of Healing the Racialized Body

  • Asheville City School Foundation TAPAS Artist in Residence

  • Teacher at Center of Sacred Studies

  • Led Mindfulness training for the Palmetto South Carolina Police Association

  • Mindfulness Workshop Leader at Rainbow School More Than Mindfulness Conference ( for 3 years) – subjects included decolonizing our Hearts and Schools through Mindfulness

  • Founder of international Four Elemental Mother Ceremony and Healing

Rites of Passages

  • Initiation  by elders in West Africa

  • Special Initiation and acknowledgement by Nechung Kuten La, State Medium of the Tibetan Oracle. 

  • Omi's path has been to  study and actively engaged in many traditions in order to understand,  embrace, and share  global practices of peace, water and earth balance. 

  • Reiki Master: level I , II, III with Will Daddario


  • Tzedek Impact Awardee  2020 – Tzedek Social Justice organization

  • Prince’s Trust Recipient 1997 (under middle name Ezolaagbo) – Prince’s Trust

  • In

  • Invited to the United Nations, 2016 and 6elped to form United Nations GIWA, Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (UNICEF)

  • Created and led Spirit of Wellness, 13 week Leadership program for young mothers

  • Co-Founder of internationally recognized Humanity4Water Awards

  • Have collaborated with several global indigenous leaders to hold peace ceremonies and discussions for the waters and Earth.​


  • My Heart Flies Open – Children’s Yoga Mindfulness Book (North Atlantic Book – Partner with Penguin Random House

  • Osun Passes the Sun – Children’s African Mindfulness Story

  • Beautiful Waters: A Biography of a Goddess from Across Africa, Egypt and Africa (Naked Truth Publishing)

  • Seven Principles of Wellness: An Ayurvedic Guide to Wellness (Naked Truth Publishing)

  • 180 drops of Mindfulness (Naked Truth Press)

  • Ploop: An Abundant Pregnancy Journey

  • A Journey Through Breath